Outreach: UofT Trash Team

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We are committed to translating science beyond academia to increase scientific and environmental literacy. We engage with the public at community events or public spaces, we visit  schools, we talk to the media, and we work with local, national and international stakeholders to increase waste literacy and facilitate the use of scientific evidence in the decision-making process. We have dubbed ourselves the ‘UofT Trash Team’.

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Our Mission: 1) Connect people and increase literacy concerning material   consumption and waste with fun, creative and practical actions. 2) Use education, public outreach and scientific research to deliver evidence-based solutions to decrease solid waste and promote a circular economy.

Our Vision: We envision a fun and engaged waste-literate community where citizens are actively working to protect people, wildlife and the planet through the intersection of science, policy, community engagement and innovation that promote zero-waste lifestyles.

Our Collaborators:

SusanDebreceniSusan Debreceni is passionate about connecting individuals with meaningful opportunities to become more active in their local community. She has been proudly supporting a national network of community volunteers through the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup for close to 15 years. She is thrilled to lend her support locally to the UofT Trash team through guidance and mentorship and to continue to bring waste literacy to the public


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Dr. Rafaela F. Gutierrez is a social scientist with expertise in waste policy. She has a keen interest in up- and downstream processes for plastic recycling. Over the past decade she has studied, advocated and worked with low-income communities in Brazil focusing on how to improve socio-productive integration into formal recycling streams. She is currently a research fellow at UofT, working on food waste awareness and reduction. She is excited to be part of the U of T Trash team and to develop strategies about how to deal with plastic waste and to increase waste literacy.


Upcoming Events:

May, 2019 – Annual #CleanUpTheDon event in collaboration with TRCA’s Paddle the Don.

Follow us on Twitter: @UofTTrashTeamUofT Trash Team Logo & Read our blog posts from our annual #CleanUpTheDon event in collaboration with TRCA and our BoomDive on the Don River.