Outreach: U of T Trash Team

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We are committed to translating science beyond academia to increase scientific and environmental literacy. We engage with the public at community events or public spaces, we visit  schools, we talk to the media, and we work with local, national and international stakeholders to increase waste literacy and facilitate the use of scientific evidence in the decision-making process. We have dubbed ourselves the ‘U of T Trash Team’.

Interested in joining our team or participating in our outreach events? Contact us. If you want to provide support for our initiatives via a charitable donation, please click here and provide support to the

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Our Mission: 1) Connect people and increase literacy concerning material  consumption and waste with fun, creative and practical actions. 2) Use education, public outreach and scientific research to deliver evidence-based solutions to decrease solid waste and promote a circular economy.

Our Vision: We envision a fun and engaged waste-literate community where citizens are actively working to protect people, wildlife and the planet through the intersection of science, policy, community engagement and innovation that promote zero-waste lifestyles.

Upcoming Events and Presentations:

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Past Events:

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