Laboratory News:

Chelsea gave a speech at the March for Science in Toronto on April 22nd, 2017 (Earth Day!).


Monina presents her exciting research from her ROP 299 demonstrating that cormorants from Lake Ontario and Lake Erie are contaminated with microplastic debris.  This work is in collaboration with our colleagues Kim Fernie and Shane de Solla at Environment and Climate Change Canada. And look, her outfit matches her poster – she’s thought of everything!!!


Minister Glen Murray came to visit my class (EEB208H1 – Ecosystems and the Human Footprint) and gave a fantastic and engaging presentation!


Clara wins an NSERC USRA for the summer!! CONGRATS Clara!


Chelsea participated in an Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations Headquarters on February 14th, 2017. She provided a statement about the state of the science on plastic pollution and how the science can inform solutions.


Clara won best poster at Laurentian SETAC meeting in Waterloo, ON!!!

IMG_2530 IMG_2524

Chelsea was invited to speak at the Our Oceans Conference in Washington, DC on September 15 – 16th, 2016 hosted by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Watch presentation here.

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Radio Interviews: Metro MorningRadioTimes, Ontario Morning

Featured in Print: Univ of Toronto NewsKQED Science NewsThe Atlantic, Washington Post, CBC, The Varsity, NPR

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